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When Italians were called upon to choose

Montegridolfo Montegridolfo (RN) 02 Jun 2024

SPIRITS OF OLYMPIA - Athletes and context in PARITANI's images

Montegridolfo Montegridolfo (RN) 27 May - 08 Jun 2024

For Paths in the Conca Valley

Unione dei Comuni della Valconca Montegridolfo (RN) 26 Jul 2024

80th on the Gothic: Waiting for the Montegridolfo Liberata

Montegridolfo Montegridolfo (RN) 30 Aug - 01 Sep 2024

A Thousand and One Nights in the Conca Valley edition 2024 - The Million and Other Adventures

Unione dei Comuni della Valconca Gemmano (RN) 26 Jul - 01 Sep 2024