Piero's Balconies

Is it possible to enter into a work of art? The answer is “Yes, it is!”.


There are excursions and hikes that leave you speechless, and one of these is precisely the one you find on Piero's Balconies, a discovery that immediately turned into poetry, history, art, and culture.

The painter Rosetta Borchia and the geologist Olivia Nesci have, in fact, discovered that some of the current landscapes of Montefeltro are the same landscapes painted by Piero della Francesca in some of his most famous works.

The painter has in fact immortalized the perfect backgrounds for his paintings in the Adriatic hills and the Apennines in the area of Pesaro, Urbino, and Rimini.

The two "landscape hunters" analyzed and studied the landscapes set in Piero della Francesca's paintings, finding correspondence with numerous landscapes of today. Finally, the project expanded, and to circulate these views of the painter, some real balconies were built from which the visitor can admire "Piero's panoramas", also defined as "Renaissance views" by the researchers.


The rediscovered landscapes, painted five centuries ago, are distinguishable and recognizable by the cliffs, bluffs, pinnacles and peaks that emerge along the rivers, which were once very rich in water, and make for a truly unique and exhilarating experience.


Here are some that you can find on the Rimini Riviera.

In Petrella Guidi, a delightful medieval hamlet in the Alta Valmarecchia, a balcony was set up which allows you to see the landscape of the "Baptism of Christ" by Piero della Francesca, now in the National Gallery in London, a monumental work of art with an extremely strict system of mathematical relationships.


In San Leo, on the other hand, we find two, and they refer to the "Portrait of Battista Sforza" and to "Saint Jerome and a Devotee".



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