San Leo is counted among ''The beutiful Hamlets in Italy''

San Leo is listed among "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" the historical fulcrum of the Montefeltro, but already active with the Romans in the 3rd century BC.


Its castle is worth a visit not only for the majesty of the structure, but also for the story of Count Giuseppe Balsamo known as Count of Cagliostro, a healer, heretic, Freemason and alchemist who, after attending the Courts of Europe, died in the prisons of San Leo.

The life of this character and the events that characterized it are undoubtedly of great interest. The mystery was nurtured even after his death, with the disappearance of his body, buried at the foot of the cliff and immediately stolen. . Tied to him even today strange and inexplicable events happen. For example, unexplained incidents have been and are being recorded in his cell. These include the laying of a bouquet of red roses on the day of his death without anyone ever being able to see the person or person responsible for the gesture.