Values that support the territory

The values that unite the territory of the Rimini Riviera are not just words. They are mostly facts.
They are what opens the door to a model of sustainability which we have embraced for some time and on which we try to take a step forward every year. We are talking about the quality of the environment because we really believe in it, we adopt greener mobility because we want to build an eco-sustainable kind of tourism, and we are approaching a ''plastic-free'' method which aims at saying goodbye to disposable plastic, especially to its dispersion at sea.
Finally, the Rimini Riviera has always embraced accessibility and inclusion, two sides of the same coin, in the awareness that the removal of architectural barriers is also - and above all - a cultural approach.

An example of this is given by the new seafronts, real urban regeneration projects, in the middle of greenery, accessible, sustainable and multifunctional, as well as by the main Parks of the Riviera, which have done away with the architectural barriers, making them accessible to all.
The beaches are no less of an example, as they, with a view to inclusion, offer access to the water via beach wheelchairs upon reservation.