The Rimini Riviera: Curiosities, legends and personalities

The Rimini Riviera is full of anecdotes, legends, curiosities and mysteries ranging in time from the Middle Ages all the way to the present day, often linked to characters who have kept their charm intact over time. In Rimini, in the heart of the town, the legend of Tiberius’s Bridge lives, also known as the ''devil’s bridge'' , a story that has its origins in Roman times and also crosses through our hinterland.

But without bothering the devil, you can go to Montebello where the legend of the Ghost  Azzurrina still lives on, or to Montefiore, where a certain Costanza Malatesta was killed who still appears within the castle walls.
There are so many historical characters, all steeped in legend and curiosity. Examples are Uguccione della Faggiola from Casteldelci, celebrated by Dante as the Veltro capable of unifying the destiny of Italy, or the Count of Cagliostro, a magician and an alchemist, convicted of heresy and locked up in the prison of San Leo where unexplained incidents have been and are recorded.
These include the deposition of a bouquet of red roses on the day of death without anyone ever being able to see the person responsible for the gesture.

The Rimini Riviera is a land of artists, poets, actors, musicians, of whom the most famous is the world-renowned Federico Fellini.
The town of Rimini, to celebrate his genius, has created a museum spread over three venues: Castel Sismondo, Palazzo del Fulgor and Piazza Malatesta, a project included among the major national projects of cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture.