The Riviera di Rimini is a region made for tasting

Piada, pie, pjida, pièda, pji, pida: all these are different spellings and pronunciations in the various dialects of the Romagna for the most famous gastronomic invention, because in the end they all refer to this most simple and yet exquisite dish: the piadina, the classic specialty of this region from the sea to the hills.


First courses usually consist of homemade pasta (tagliatelle, strozzapreti, ravioli, gnocchi, cappelletti), served with savoury meat or fish sauce. Roasts and grilled meats are prepared with great care. On the coast, fish is obviously the best choice, cooked in a traditional way, or often combined with brilliant new ideas. With the pasta, you will be served typical wines from the Malatesta & Montefeltro hill areas (Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Pagadebit) of excellent quality, and food is prepared with the important extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. “Colline di Romagna”.


Naturally, the one thing that is a typical product and gives a special wonderful taste to the word holiday should not be forgotten: the homemade ice-cream that internationally famous ice-cream makers prepare in the best traditions of quality, creativity and professionalism that distinguishes them.