A sustainable and multifunctional waterfront

Bellaria, Rimini, Riccione, Misano and Cattolica: Each seaside resort has its own seafront, a promenade accessible to all, sustainable and multifunctional.

Some of these spaces have been redesigned with a real urban renovation design, with places where it is possible to stroll, practice sports, socialize, away from traffic, near the beach and the terraces of the entertainment spots.

Each town on the Riviera has its own peculiarities.


Bellaria, for example, has dedicated its seafront to Raffaella Carrà (She was an Italian singer, dancer, television presenter), due to the close bond that the celebrity had with the town. An important part of the town's urban design, linked to the world of tourism, will therefore bear the name of Raffaella, known in Bellaria Igea Marina as "Lella".

The new promenade offers a direct view of the sea and a connection with viale Platani, the center and heart of the town which was already transformed several years ago into a pedestrian area full of greenery and flower beds.


Rimini has its Parco del Mare, a large renovation project of the North and South Seafronts which aims at returning these places to high-quality public use in terms of urban comfort, freeing the waterfront from the presence of automobiles.

The accessibility of the promenade and seafront is completed with the presence of benches, green areas, places to socialize, but also spaces for sports activities which make this place a real open-air gym complete with a basketball court in the heart of Marina Centro. A truly multifunctional space, to experience Rimini and the town at any time of the year.


Riccione with its Lungomare della Libertà was one of the first to be completed. Today walking along this elegant seafront means walking among boat-shaped fountains of high-quality architectural design, amongst small gardens, or meeting up to play cards on the wooden benches or to have fun challenging your partner to checkers or chess, or better still, backgammon.

Riccione's seafront is interspersed with green spaces and urban design furniture and has a wide cycle path that runs alongside the pedestrian path, separating the sea from the hotels by just a few meters.

This Seafront is also characteristic because it is a linear pathway, without any steps, so it is very convenient for disabled people or families with strollers to use.


Misano Adriatico, too, has already begun the redevelopment of its seafront, a promenade complete with a pedestrian area and a cycle path amongst greenery and beautiful fountains. The Seafront is in constant evolution and also foresees a revision of the view over the Portoverde dock which will be structurally connected to the rest of the territory, in a perfect integration between the seafront and the hinterland.


Lastly, the Lungomare Rasi Spinelli coastal road and the brand-new Cattolica waterfront offers 800 metres of promenade with sea views between pedestrian areas and the bike path, linking the port to Giardini De Amicis. Here, there will be a square with a major waterworks structure: the underground first flush rainwater tank, essential for the quality of the bathing water.