Truffle Ecomuseum

It is a unique facility in Emilia-Romagna; it is devoted to the white truffle and its relationship with the environment in which it grows.

The 'tuber magnatum pico' is the symbol of the village and is the focal point of a fair - scheduled for Sundays in October – well-known throughout Italy.

The museum has an area of 100 square meters and is the result of the work of the Pro Loco of Sant'Agata Feltria; it contains an interactive exhibition, made up of posters with fascinating and significant images of the world of truffles; descriptions; films, and documentaries of the places where the so-called 'gold of the woods' can be found, with feedback from experts.

A work of excellent quality starting from the name itself, "Ecomuseum", with which we intend to underline the essential relationship between the prized white truffle and the territory in which it grows, that space where every animal and vegetable living being lives in total harmony with notes written and directed by nature itself; an ecosystem.

Such a perfect environment of natural balances where the precious truffle chooses to grow and develop.

Open on request: 0541 848 022.