Il Mondo di Tonino Guerra (The World of Tonino Guerra)

This collection brings together the artistic creations (paintings, ceramics and much else) of Tonino Guerra and his collaborators, and there is also a well-endowed videotheque comprising 2000 DVDs organised into five different sections, and an ample library.

Guided visits for groups upon request


How to get there:

On foot: from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, follow the signs for "Il mondo di Tonino Guerra." Walk along Via del Roccione keeping to the right until you reach Via dei Pensieri Sospesi, formerly Via dei Fossi.
The Museum is located at the very beginning of Via dei Pensieri Sospesi, on the right.
By car: follow the signs to the Bishop's Headquarters and park on John Paul II Square. From there, proceed on foot on Via dei Pensieri Sospesi, formerly Via dei Fossi, which is bordered by a forest.
The Museum is about 100 m on the left.