Museo degli Sguardi (of insights), Ethnographic Collections of Rimini

 The museum is located in Villa Alvarado di Covignano near Rimini, home to the Museo delle Grazie of the Franciscan monks since 1928.
A selection of objects from this collection, that were acquired by the Franciscan monks during their missions, has been incorporated into the new museum which boasts valuable archaeological and ethnographical works from Africa, Oceania and Asia. One of the most notable sections houses the prestigious pre-Columbian archaeological collection of “Ugo Canepa” of Biella, featuring hand-crafted items made from a range of different materials by artisans of the ancient cultures and civilisations that once spread across the American continent before the arrival of the Spanish Conquerors during the XVI century. 

Open on request: tel. 0541 704428 or 0541 793851 Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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0541 704421/704428 (Mon. to Fri. 9.00 a.m. - 13.00)
0541 793851 (Tues. to Sun. 10.00 - 13.00; 16.00 - 19.00)

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