Regina Museum Archaeological and Marine Section

The Museo della Regina (formerly the Antiquarium of the Municipality of Cattolica) has been housed, since 2000, in the building of the ancient "Ospitale per Pellegrini" (Pilgrims' Hospice) built towards the end of the 16th century.

The Museum is divided into two sections, one archaeological and one ethno-anthropological dedicated to traditional seafaring, reflecting the two main keys to understanding daily life, cultural expressions and forms of humanity that characterise the recent and remote history of the city and its territory.

The Archaeology section exhibits materials that emerged during various city excavations belonging to the Bronze Age, Roman and Late Antique periods. The Seafaring section traces the history of the local seafaring industry from the birth of the port to the motorisation of traditional boats with lug sails; it preserves precious unique pieces, such as models of boats of different sizes and from different periods.

Free admission.

Accessible to the disabled.