Museum of Rural Crafts

It is set up inside the former convent of St. Jerome (second half of the 1500s). It displays objects from various periods, some even centuries old, divided into thematic areas, which constitute the memory of the civilization of the area.
The visit lasts 1 1/2 hours.

Housed inside the old San Girolamo Monastery from the second half of the 16th century. Exhibits from various periods are on display, some hundreds of years old, divided into themed sections that represent the heritage of the local civilization:

- religious section, with exhibits from 1500 onwards and the adjacent monastery church;
- trades and crafts: shoemaking and cobbling, weaving, needlework, schools, winemaking;
- pastimes and leisure, with the music room, cinema, tavern, comics and toys.

The section dedicated to nativity scenes also includes an 18th-century Lombardy nativity scene, another one carved in wood by hand, and a mechanical crib recreating a local street in the post-war years.

Gardens with 90 fruit trees and a workshop on medicinal herbs.
Marquetry, weaving, embroidery, needlework and pottery courses.

Admission by donation

how to get there: located in the historic core

parking: piazza del Mercato – piazza Garibaldi

for groups please telephone Mr Gianpaolo Ugolini, 328 0778615, to arrange a time.

Special opening during winter months.