Museum of ceramics

In the Malatesta fortress in Montefiore Conca an important permanent exhibition, “Under the tables of the Malatesta”
discovering archaeological artifacts from the Fortress of Montefiore Conca, is devoted to the findings from archaeological excavations conducted in the fortress from 2006 to 2008.

There is a large quantity of Malatesta pottery, much of which would have been in use in the fortress: jugs, basins and cups decorated with portraits and scrolls, Gothic letters and garlands, geometric and symbolic motifs. The colours used are blue, yellow, ochre, copper green and manganese brown: the same colours as those of the magnificent landscape
you can admire here.

Most of the exhibits were produced in Romagna, but there are a few pieces made in le Marche and the Ferrara area. The glass pieces on display are mainly Venetian.

Not accessible to people with disabilities.