Saludecio and Holy Amato Museum

The museum belongs to the parish of Saludecio and in 2001 it was housed in two rooms adjacent to the sacresty and. It houses almost three hundred works of art, amongst them paintings, church ornaments and vestments, and votive offerings. These are all pieces linked to the history, culture and religious life of the town and its surroundings and above all, to the adoration of Beato Amato Ronconi, the patron saint of Saludecio. Particularly worthy of mention are the seventeenth century paintings by Guido Cagnacci, Centino and Ridolfi , a series of silver liturgical furnishings produced by eighteenth century Roman goldsmiths, and embroidered vestments and precious cloths. 

On weekdays visits upon request.

Partially accessible to disabled guests
guided visits by previous telephone call.