Museum of Scolca

It is the recovery of a treasure trove of Rimini culture and art, that of the ancient Olivetan abbey on Covignano hill, now home to the parish of San Fortunato.
The richness of the ensemble, which also includes the church built by Carlo Malatesta in 1418, the bishop's seminary and the diocesan library, is such that it is defined as "one of the most important places of art and history in the province of Rimini."
The four rooms, each a different color, then house important testimonies such as the original bell from the 1400s, ancient vestments and liturgical garments, objects that belonged to Olivetan monks, silverware, and parchments.
Among the most important pieces is the illuminated page of a 15th-century chorale. A curiosity: the word Scolca means lookout.