The Marco Simoncelli Museum – Sic’s life story

A museum gallery and a journey to discover the feats and deeds of the beloved motorcycle rider Marco Simoncelli (Sic*).

The gallery tells the story of the champion and his life outside racing.

In the museum you can admire motorcycles, helmets, track suits and everything that belonged to him.

Marco was born in Cattolica on January 20th, 1987. He always lived with his family in the small town of Coriano in the province of Rimini.

Ever since he was a boy, he was passionate about mini bikes, and in 1999 he became champion of that class of racing. With grit he gradually cultivated his passion up to participating in the circuits of the world championship.

In 2008 he became world champion in the 250cc class.

In 2010 he joined the class of the maximum cc engine size, the MotoGP.

On October 23rd, 2011, at the age of just 24, during the Malaysian Grand Prix, he lost his life due to a very serious accident.


(*) Affectionately called “Sic” or “SuperSic”. Why “Sic”?

In the score sheets that appear during the television broadcasts of the world championship, the riders are mentioned with the first three letters of their surname. The natural abbreviation for him should have been “Sim,” but there was another rider, Julian Simon, who had started a few months before him, who had already been given the abbreviation of “Sim”. And so since then, Marco Simoncelli was always “Sic”.


Accessible to people with disabilities.