Noi. Museum of History and Memory of Bellaria Igea Marina

“Noi” (it means “we”) is a museum created to fulfil the need of the community of Bellaria Igea Marina to form its identity and be seen as a whole.

The museum is conceived like a work in progress in the hisory and memory of the town, keeping a steady look on the historical and cultural forms connected to the sea. The themes of the exposition range from ancient history, to the spurs of Roman coastal settlements along the Popilia road, and to the contemporary ones linked up to the memory of the last generations, in particular to the sailing and fishing tradition and the touristic experience.

In the collection there are archeological items from Roman times found in Bordonchio, among which you can admire the precious part of a mosaic of IV century a.c. and the reproduction in original format of the Roman stele of Egnatia Chila dating back to the I century a.c.

It portrays a young woman, that unfortunately, is now faceless. The epigraph tells that the woman was a liberta, that means that she had been a slave who was later set free. In the museum are also exposed the chronology of the main events of Bellaria Igea Marina, with pictures, multimedial documents, objects which marked the social transformations and the local community life in the last two centuries. All those items have been temporary entrusted to the museum by local people, fishermen, hoteliers, beach attendants, tourists and vacationers of yesterday and today.

Free guided tours.

In other periods, opening on payment with previous bookingInfo: Cultural Services 0541 343746-747