Mangano (Old cloth printing workshop)

Cloth has been printed in this shop since 1600, using the same colours, the same methods and the same wooden blocks inherited from traditional local decorative art. The cloth is smoothed using a "Wheel Mangle" made of wood and stones which dates from the 17th century. In terms of weight and size, it is the only one of its kind, still existing in the world. 

Partially accessible to disabled guests or with difficult independent accessibility

For visits:
guided tours: tours are available from Monday to Saturday with compulsory reservation and based on availability (excluding Thursdays)

Monday to Friday € 3,00 each (minimum 4/5 people);Saturday € 5,00 each (minimum 20 people);for schools of all levels the visit is free.
Admission is free for the guides who accompany the group throughout the visit in order to properly coordinate the assistance of the tourists in explaining and answering any questions.

- Visit to the workshop and the mangle in action;
In addition to the visit, each visitor will be given
- a brochure translated into five languages;
- a postcard of the Mangle.

The duration of the visit is approximately 20 minutes.

how to get there:

Situated in the centre of the town;