Sulphur - historical mining museum

The presence in Perticara of large sulphur deposits led, in the second half of the last century, to intensive industrial activity in a vast area, dedicated mainly to agriculture. It was a microcosm linked to the productivity of the mine, which closed just when the rest of Italy was experiencing an economic boom. Perticara historical sulphur mining museum narrates the history of those generations of miners.

As visits are always guided, bookings are necessary for groups.
It is possible to personalize visiting hours for groups.

how to get there: from Rimini Sud motorway exit, take the SP 258 Marecchiese road towards San Sepolcro for 32 km as far as Novafeltria. Turn right onto the SP 8 towards Sant’Agata Feltria and continue for 7 km. In Perticara follow the tourism road signs to the sulphur mining museum.
From Rome/Cesena on the E45, exit at Montecastello and drive for 8 km on the SP 146 Sapinate as far as Perticara. Turn left onto Via Montecchio; the museum is on the left.

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