Piazza Ganganelli

It is the main square of the city, dedicated to the Santarcangelo-born Lorenzo Ganganelli, known as Pope Clement XIV.

Located in the heart of the city, it hosts the millennial fairs and the prestigious Theater in Piazza Festival, while every Monday and Friday, the weekly market takes place.

Until the 1700s, the square was simply a "widening" at the foot of the ancient medieval village.

In 1772, the Triumphal Arch dedicated to the fellow citizen Pope Clement XIV was added.

Under the arch, the ancient Roman consular road, Via Emilia, passed.

With the unification of Italy, public buildings were added to the square, including the Town Hall, Elementary Schools, and Hospital.

In 1928, the Monument to the Fallen in War was erected, and in 1989, the fountain designed by the Santarcangelo-born poet Tonino Guerra, screenwriter of Fellini's greatest masterpieces.