Divine punishments and landslides

The legend of the “angelic dance” and the destruction of the Fortress of Maiolo (Maioletto seems to be the name given by the people, then became the toponym) stay together. The collapse would indeed have been because of divine punishment, as it is handed down from the Middle Ages.

In fact the fortified fortress of Maiolo was damaged by the explosion of the powder and part of itself, along with the ancient village, were destroyed in the ‘700 due to a ruinous landslide, and preceded by forty uninterrupted hours of rain.

And in Maiolo even the memory on paper was not spared, since in 1737 the Archives of the Municipality burned. Folk tales and geological disasters, here as elsewhere, have always been interwoven to explain such shocking facts that the people did not know how to justify, and behind it all they saw the arcane.


Taken from "Legends, mysteries and curiosity of the province of Rimini".