Theatre "Vittoria"

 The theatre was created in 1922-23 inside ancient Palazzo Fuffi (late 15th century), which had previously been used as barracks and as an elementary school and was seriously damaged by an earthquake on 29 June 1919.

Having set up a special committee, 33 families from Pennabilli contributed to the renovation and restoration of the building, turning it into a theatre.

The beautiful arched portal decorated with rusticated ashlars was part of the old building and was reused to adorn the avant-corps that hosts the current foyer, furbished by poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra.
Created thanks to an initiative promoted by a group of local craftsmen, with the help of the Civil Engineers, the auditorium has a U-shaped layout surrounded by three orders of boxes (a total of 48), with wood floors and fascia balustrades decorated with rectangular panels painted with tempera.