Car-bike track. Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

If you love sports, and especially that of the 2 wheels, then we recommend you spend a day in Misano and take part in the Misano Circuit Tour, a 58-minute visit by small train that takes you to the Misano World Circuit, in the temple of the great champions of the 2 wheels.

Misano World Circuit is the largest theme park in the Rimini Riviera devoted to motors. A place where world-class sporting events are held, a point of reference for the widespread passion for motors.

Every year the Misano World Circuit hosts the most spectacular two- and four-wheeled sports competitions, it offers the major industrial brands in the sector a communication showcase that is an absolute must-see, and brings together over 500,000 visitors who are passionate about motors.       


The new facility was expanded to create a 120-meter extension of the racetrack maintaining the historic areas already occupied by the glorious track where champions of yesterday and today were trained. The Misano World Circuit is home to the Moto GP - Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera.


At the Misano circuit, there is the Siegfried Stohr ''Guidare Pilotare'' driving school which organizes driving courses: safe (1 day), sporty (two days), competitive (two days), and skid-control (half day).

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