Mystery and esoteric traditions

The Night of the Witches is brought back to life in San Giovanni in Marignano.

If you are a fan of esotericism, alchemy, and magic, then you cannot miss a visit to San Giovanni in Marignano on the occasion of the Witches' Festival which is held every year at the time of the summer solstice.
The legend of the night of San Giovanni has it that the witches gathered to carry out their spells at this particular astral moment.
These witches were nothing more than young women who, to help the sun rise, gathered in the fields and lit fires.

The event aims at recovering a popular-historical fabric of traditions by rendering them spectacular: popular street theater, a street market with the display and sale of objects, medicinal herbs, magical stones, and natural products, the witches' cave, and a scenically enthralling environment in which fortune
tellers using cards, fortune tellers and palm readers operate.

To spend a different evening ... where nothing is as it appears!