Between Sky and Stone: the Rocca del Sasso fortress and the rule of the Malatesta.

Malatesta Rocca

A new guided tour to discover one of the best-preserved fortifications of the Malatesta dynasty in the entire valley. The guide will take you through the various rooms of the fortress, which can still be visited in its entirety today, from the basements to the stupendous panoramic terrace on the top of the keep that overlooks miles of coastline and hills, from the Gabicce promontory to the mountains of the Upper Marecchia Valley.

You will be told several stories, including:
- The shrewd politics and long life of the founder of the Malatesta family, the centenarian Malatesta da Verucchio, also known as the Mastin Vecchio;
- The adventures of his sons Gianciotto and Paolo, protagonists together with Francesca in the tragic love story narrated by Dante in Canto V of the Inferno;
- The legend of the ghost of Malatestino dell'Occhio, who on stormy nights roams about in his ox-drawn chariot, hurling heartrending screams;
- The incredible siege of Federico da Montefeltro against Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini and Verucchio, reconstructed by the large model in the Hall of Arms;
- The story of Ippolita Comneno, an Oriental princess who lived here during the 16th century and adapted the fortress to her needs, stripping the structure of its exclusively military connotation.

Participation fee € 8
Children up to 7 years old free of charge

For more information: | 0541 670280

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.

Via Rocca 42, 47826, Verucchio, (RN)

­ starting from 8.00 €

­All prices
Bambini fino a 7 anni free
Via Rocca 1, 47826, Verucchio, (RN)

Gennaio*- Febbraio: Sabato e Domenica 10-17
*dal 1 al 6 Gennaio tutti i giorni 10-17
Marzo- Ottobre- Novembre- Dicembre*: Sabato, Domenica e Festivi 10-13 | 14:30-18
*dal 26 al 31 dicembre tutti i gironi 10-17
Aprile- Maggio- Giugno- Settembre: tutti i giorni 10-13 | 15-18:30
Luglio- Agosto: tutti i giorni 9:30-12:30 | 16-20 (Venerdì fino alle 22:30)

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