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Comune di Bellaria - Igea Marina

"La Borgata che Danza" - 32nd edition: the historic district of the Borgata Vecchia in Bellaria Igea Marina, comes alive again with events of music and folk dances; workshop and cultural appointments, convivial food and wine moments with typical Romagna cuisine.

? FRIDAY, MAY 24 | Preview:from 7 p.m.
? SATURDAY 25 MAY: from 4 p.m.
? SUNDAY, MAY 25: from 10 a.m.

"La Borgata che danza" is a Festival dedicated to the ancient forms of folk music of Emilia Romagna: from those handed down through the modes of oral and visual communication without the aid of writing, to the historical ballroom dancing of the first half of the 20th century. The Festival aims to rediscover their significance in present-day contexts, calling together realities from Emilia-Romagna and elsewhere, engaged in the study, practice and enhancement of local traditional repertoires.

The event is held in the historic core of Bellaria's "Borgata Vecchia," on Ionio and Romea streets. It is an important cultural event with the aim of creating a strong moment of socialization in the life of the village at the time of the "transition" to the summer tourist season, and to bring back to light the nineteenth-century nucleus of "Borgo Osteria," tying in with its history and people.

Above all, the "Dancing Borgata" is an opportunity for encounters and comparisons between different cultures and generations, a place where traditional musics find an ideal context to test themselves, giving new life to languages and forms of expression that belong to popular experiences in which we all have roots.

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


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