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MAY 31
8:30 p.m. Pillitteri Hall - "From Villages to Energy Communities."
With Francesco Occhipinti Director of Legambiente Emilia-Romagna.
Last January 2, the decree for the incentive of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) finally came into force, which was followed by the operational rules of the GSE, issued on February 23, 2024. Thanks to the enactment of the regulatory and operational framework this spring, a new Season of energy production in our country can finally be kicked off.

09:30 a.m. Roma Square - Start of the event
Greetings by the Mayor and sharing of the "MANIFESTO FOR A RENEWABLE AND PEACEFUL FUTURE" and distribution of seeds to children.
10:00 a.m. Roma Square - Walk for the Future.
After a passage in front of the "Orante," start of the walk to the
shrine of Our Lady of Carbognano.
During the walk, with gloves and bags provided by the organization,
trash encountered along the way will be collected.
About halfway along the route there will be a short stop to listen to a
monologue by "Spigolo," a eulogy to democracy.
At the end of the walk, small moment of discussion on the material
13:00 Carbognano - Spaghettata
We conclude with a convivial moment in the space of the rectory of the
sanctuary of Our Lady of Carbognano.
At the end of the meal, return on foot via loc. Villa.

For information or reservations:
Luca Bellini - 340 2352367
Lucia Mancini - 329 4479482

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


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