The Bromance and Virgigno with the gn

Malatesta Castle of Coriano

The comedy duo BROMANCE, formed by Filippo Matteoni and Enea Salicioni, was founded in 2021with
the goal of creating a young and laugh-out-loud Cabaret project. In their vision of comedy,
they bring together their decades of experience in the field of theater with their innate ability to capture
in everyday life the comic side. The scenes proposed by BROMANCE range from monologues in the style of
Stand-up Comedy, to slapstick comedy, to sketch comedy, with novel characters in which the
audience can identify with. The BROMANCE on stage, with a fast pace and irreverent,
touch on a wide range of topics: from television schedules to technological innovations, from
sports to music, from first dates to the praise of their beloved Romagna, all according to the
classic method of cabaret and comedy theater. "VIRGIGNO WITH THE GN" (aka Stefano Campagnolo, or vice versa) He began his theatrical training
in 2005 at the theater improvisation school "Belleville" in Bologna. In 2012 he began a
path marked on dramaturgy applied to theatrical improvisation From 2020 he begins to
take his own comic monologue on tour:
an absurd comedy, in the sense of surreal though. Comedian and improviser from Cesena will bring on
stage his tragedies. Which we will be able to laugh about together. With his monologue "Autobiography of your
flaws" Live a unique opportunity, not to be missed, the surreal flowing into discomfort passing
rightly through self deprecation.

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.

Via Malatesta 32, 47853, Coriano, (RN)

­ starting from 7.00 €

­All prices
under 14 e over 65 5.00 €

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