Book presentation by Davide Rossi, journalist and writer

Malatesta Rocca

"THE WAYS OF FREEDOM. How to get out of the system that oppresses us."
Davide Rossi offers an unconventional perspective, through which he will discuss political, economic, philosophical and communitarian ways different from the usual ones, and he will do so with an informal style. Without renouncing, however, some forays into legal and economic theories strictly oriented towards freedom, hosting the contributions of an authoritative political philosopher such as Carlo Lottieri and two libertarian economics scholars: Francesco Carbone and Francesco Simoncelli.
An understanding of what money is, what Bitcoin means, what currency is and the economics that revolve around it, is very important. If you don't understand these elements, you risk not understanding anything that is happening in the world. Pedagogist Cecilia Fazioli's contribution on the topic of education for freedom was also fundamental, because it concerns the future of our children and, therefore, also our own. Thought on freedom is ancient and is a complete and coherent system: it involves all aspects of our actions and social life.

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