Beef from Romagnolo cattle

The Romagnolo cattle is one of the white breeds most resistant to the climate. The animals adapt to difficult ground and are raised on pastures with tasty grass. We therefore can see them on the mountainside of the Romagnolo Apennines for the most part of the year, the rest of the time they are kept in special cattle sheds.

The Romagnolo cow is a type of livestock that is butchered when they reach 600/700 kg. The Romagnolo cattle was awarded the IGP medal “Vitellone bianco dell´appenino centrale” which confirms to the consumer high-quality standards in the raising and butchery of these animals.

The cattle is impressively large and stocky, and accordingly was also used for work in earlier times. Today it is mostly regarded as a meat-producing breed whose meat meets the requirements of consumers in terms of very good quality, balance, nutritional characteristics, colour and fine marbling.