Antiques, modern antiques and handicraft markets

There are some little treasures just waiting to be discovered.
In the street markets and antique shops of the Rimini Riviera you can discover many small jewels, products that are handcrafted, vintage,traditional, antiques and modern antiques.
In addition to the fixed weekly events that are repeated throughout the year, the Rimini Riviera offers you seasonal markets where you can find a wide variety of selected objects: ceramics, glass, books, furniture, costume jewelry, silver, various collectibles, all certainly old-fashioned or ancient.


Those who love street markets cannot miss the appointment with Matrioska, the itinerant lab store where artisans, designers, creatives and visionaries gather in one place, a unique container of strictly ''handmade'' innovative products.


Find out about the antique and handicraft markets on the Rimini Riviera here.

Rimini Antiqua. Exhibition-market of antiques, modern and vintage. Every last Sunday of the month except the month of July.
Hours: 9:00am- 6:30pm. Free admission
Historical center, piazza Tre Martiri, via IV Novembre and part of Corso d'Augusto - tel: (+39) 340 3031200 |
Artisans in the Center
Exhibition of handmade crafts, Appointment with art, creativity, design and above all lots of ideas and the desire to make something, create and invent!
One Sunday a month, artisans, creators and aspiring designers await you to show you what their passion and inspiration can materialize using wood, metals, fabrics, yarns, clay and forgotten objects. Unique handmade pieces, the result of continuous research and the ability to create with the intellect, imagination and heart!
Hours: 9:30am – 7:00pm. Free admission
Piazza Tre Martiri - tel: (+39) 340 3031200 Information - |
Domeniche ad Arte (Sundays for Art), local market exhibition of art, crafts and hobbies
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm. Free admission
via IV Novembre - tel: (+39) 338 8270486, (+39) 0541 51331 tourist information office



The Old and the Ancient. Since 1995, every fourth Sunday of the month in the historic center you can find lots of ancient, old and peculiar things.
Hours: 9am – 7pm. Free admission
Via Vittorio Veneto - tel: (+39) 0541 827254 Promo D - | il-vecchio-e-lantico


La Casa del Tempo (The House of Time). Antique market The street market of antiques and old things in Santarcangelo di Romagna is one of the most well-received and popular events in the provinces of Rimini and Cesena. On display you can find furniture and furnishings, silverware, ceramics, watches and various collectibles, from the 19th century up until about 1960.
Every first Sunday of the month except August.
Hours: 9am – 7pm |  Free admission
Piazza Ganganelli - tel: (+39) 0541 624270 Tourist Information Santarcangelo