Beautiful walk from Riccione to Portoverde

This is a tourist round tour of a total length of about 12 km

 This trail was taken from the “Sentieri” guide book with nature and historical tours around Rimini, published in 2009 by the Province of Rimini, Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development Policies

You start in Riccione on the Marinai d’Italia square near the thermal bath. Go south along the little road behind the beach establishments to the Alberello rivulet.
Here, you get to the foreshore and follow the seashore until you come to a small bridge over the river Agina. Cross the river and continue on the shore until you arrive in the port of Portoverde: you cannot miss the large residences and houses there.

From the port, go down via Lungo Darsena and follow that road until you arrive at the other side of the port where via Calle dei Pescatori starts. Take a left after about 200 m in via Vasco da Gama, and then follow via Orazio Nelson until you get to the sea and the mouth of the river Conca. This is the end of the walk.

To get back, follow once more the via Nelson, then De Gama, Calle dei Pescatori and Lungo Darsena until you get to via Dei Fiori. Then take a right in via Litoranea Sud towards Misano Adriatico and continue on the sidewalk there.

Go straight on following via Litoranea Nord until it becomes via Torino, then continue on via Milano until you get to your starting point in Marinai d’Italia square.