Cà Brigida Oasis

It is located in the Marecchia Valley, within the municipality of Verucchio, in the "Il Doccio" area. It extends for 17 hectares (about 170,000 sq m) along the slopes and the valley floor of the Rio Felisina. It includes woods, meadows, hedges and a stream that crosses it for a large stretch, a Butterfly Garden and a park of ancient plants which includes an olive grove with traditional varieties. The fauna is characterized by roe deer, porcupines, badgers, foxes, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, various species of amphibians and reptiles, and a rich population of butterflies and dragonflies.


There are springs and traces of ancient settlements belonging to the Villanova civilization of Verucchio.


Ca' Brigida, a farmhouse used as a Visitor Center with an adjoining park, houses an exhibition hall with finds from of the Natural History of Marecchia Valley and the "Bruno Marabini" WWF Library, an educational center and a center of environmental documentation. The house also performs the function of a reception area by providing a recreation room and a guesthouse with the use of a kitchen.


The Oasis is entirely open to vehicles and pedestrians via a network of paths with a total length of about 2500 meters. Guided, educational tours, nursery activities, and work camps are held in the Oasis.


The bequest comes from the deceased partner, the surveyor Gustavo Voltolini.

The Oasis is part of over 100 WWF reserves.

How to get there:
Located in the middle of the Marecchia Valley, between Verucchio and the Republic of San Marino. 

SP 258 Marecchiese, Rimini - Ponte Verucchio and from

SP 14 Santarcangelo - Verucchio bridge.



Open year-round upon request.
Admission: fee for guided tours and large groups; free for WWF members. Groups and school groups daily by appointment.
Length of visit: 2 hours.

Contact information
Via del Grano, 333 - VERUCCHIO (RN)
tel: (+39) 0541 374245, (+39) 328 2255883, (+39) 388 8080785 - Claudio PAPINI (WWF Rimini president and Oasis manager)
oasi_cabrigida_wwfrn@libero.it | wwfrimini@libero.it | biblioteca_cda_wwfrn@libero.it | educambientale_wwfrn@libero.it


Verucchio, Valmarecchia

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