Parco del Gelso di Bellaria Igea Marina

One of the largest urban parks along the Adriatic coastline, Parco del Gelso is a vast expanse of greenery covering about 40 hectares; it surrounds the lake – originally an old sand quarry – by the same name.

Located in the heart of Igea Marina and easily accessible on foot or by bike, the park offers an excellent alternative to the beach for moments of relaxation and pleasant fun with children.

Families with children will especially enjoy the play area at the centre of the park, complete with swings, slides, and rides, while the lake, a favourite with fisherfolk, is home to numerous ducks and ducklings.

The park provides picnic areas shaded by trees like pine and downy oak, providing cool relief on hot summer days.

Parco del Gelso is particularly popular with those who enjoy physical activities like biking, running, taking walks, or simply strolling along the shaded paths. Yoga and Pilates courses are also organized in the shade of the large trees.
The park’s attractions include tennis courts, a sports centre, and a recently equipped open-air gym.

The park is always open, and admission is free of charge.
The park can be accessed from Via Luzzatti or Viale Ennio, a short distance from the centre of town.