Marecchia valley natural observatory Oasi Montebello

The observatory is located in an extremely beautiful area, indeed this is a natural oasis that covers more than 1,200 hectares and has been recognised by the European Union as being of particular environmental importance. It is structured in two sections and each deals with a particular aspect of the territory of the Marecchia River valley.


The first section is situation on the ground floor and focuses in particular on flora and fauna. The second section, which is on the first floor, is dedicated to the geological-geomorphologic aspects of the valley and the relationship between man and the territory in which he lives (settlements, exploitation of the environmental potential, mining activities, water resources etc).

How to get there:
Provincial road SP 14 - 14 bis, SP 120 Santarcangelo - Torriana - Montebello


Admission: fee
Full rate: 2.50 Group rate: 2.10

Contact information
Via Vicinale Scansano, 4 - tel: (+39) 0541 675629, (+39) 347 4110474 -

Fiume Marecchia, Valmarecchia

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