The Arboretum

A few kilometers from Mondaino, in the Conca valley, and also a few kilometers from Riccione, Cattolica, and Pesaro, is the Dimora Theater, the theater in the woods of the Arboretum. The cultural and artistic project of the Emilia-Romagna Residence Center was born from the charm of the natural environment: a former experimental arboretum of Mediterranean flora, a nine-hectare park with six thousand plants. 

Since 1998, the Arboretum of Mondaino has been a national and international center that supports the residencies, the creative and training processes of artists, in the communication there is among the artfulness of nature represented by the flora and fauna including the wonders of daisies, the citizens, and the welcoming communities.


The forest around the Arboretum theater welcomes performing artists and artisans of thought who wish to concentrate on the study and research of contemporary scenic arts: theater, dance, music, and performing arts.



Inside the Arboretum it is possible to find:

2 guesthouses

a theater and meeting room

spaces equipped with tables and benches

an educational room

a thematic collection of tree species, on display in 70 glass showcases

a specialist library

marked trails


partially accessible to people with disabilities.

- the Dimora Theater for meetings, workshops, creative residencies, open rehearsals and shows

- A Guesthouse for artists and artisans of thought

- Paths partially marked and partially accessible to people with disabilities.

How to get there:
Motorway A14 "Cattolica" exit, follow direction to Morciano di Romagna, (SP 17) Saludecio and Mondaino


Contact information
Teatro Dimora _ Via Arboreto, 6 - tel: (+39) 331 9191041 - tel and fax: (+39) 0541 624003
Organizing office: Via Emilia, 323 - Santa Giustina di Rimini (RN) |

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