Expanded lifeguard services on the beaches

Do you like swimming in complete safety? Then Rimini’s Riviera is the perfect destination for you.

This is because for the 2024 summer season, lifeguard services are guaranteed even during the lunchtime break, unlike in previous years, and will continue up to the third weekend of September. “The safety of our citizens and tourists comes first”.


This is stipulated in a Regional ordinance which requires daily service from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM with no interruptions.


In the case of a collective service, i.e., managed jointly for multiple establishments and incorporating an organic plan that includes at least three contiguous lifeguard towers, it is possible to provide lifeguard services between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM from alternating towers.


This marks a definite step forward in ongoing improvements to the service in our territory, and guarantee enhanced safety and beach quality levels for our citizens and tourists.


The ordinance also provides for an extension of the swimming season from the last weekend of October to November 2, also taking into consideration the extended summer temperatures which encourage extended use of the beaches.

This extension of seaside activities has also made lifeguard services compulsory until the third weekend of September, with the possibility for the Municipalities to also extend this to the weekdays by means of a supplementary ordinance.

Our lifeguard service is one of the best in Italy and effectively maintains the quality and safety profile for tourists on our beaches throughout the bathing season.