Public beaches

Rimini Riviera hosts a large number of equipped beach resorts, but for those who do not need additional services there are three different public beach areas.


  • Eastern beach (Lampara restaurant area), close to the quay of the dock (port area)
    facilities: toilets, showers, rescue service
  • Sandy beach on the waterfront of Piazza 1° Maggio - Hotel Kursaal (pier)
    facilities: rescue service
  • Beach near the Ventena stream, at the end of Viale Carducci
    facilities: toilets, showers, rescue service



  • Stretch of beach in front of piazzale Roma
    facilities: showers
  • Stretch of beach in front of piazzale Venezia
    facilities: showers



  • Camping area between bathing establishments N°7 and N°11 inclusive
  • Area between bathing establishments No.14 and No.15
  • Camping area near bathing establishment No.24
  • Between bathing establishments No.39 and No.40
  • Area of bathing establishment No.43
  • Area of bathing establishment N°133

Facilities: all the public beaches listed above are equipped with showers; users can use the toilets of the neighboring bathing establishments.



  • Piazzale Boscovich area (Rimini port canal)
    Well-equipped public beach: with standard toilets, showers, lifeguards, wheelchair ramps and entrance platforms.
    Here there is also a sea chair service for disabled people.
    The service, offered by the Ondanomala Cooperative of Rimini, consists of providing a beach chair (Sedia Sole Mare) made by the Adjutor orthopedic factory, at the end of the walkway, to allow people in wheelchairs to use it and reach the water.  The service is free and is available every day from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm. It is necessary to book, especially if you need assistance, by calling 333 1838147 - ).
    Possibility for sporting activities and presence of a swimming school.
    The public beach of Piazzale Boscovich (port area) can be reached via bus no. 7 (bus stop in the square) or by bus no. 11, bus stop 9, then walk to the port.

Unequipped public beaches (frustoli): with access platforms and lifeguard service.


NORTH area

  • San Giuliano: from the Dock to ex-bathing establishment 10
  • Rivabella: between the north side of the Marecchia Deviator and Bathing establishment 1
  • Viserbella: between Villa Salus and Bathing establishment 58
  • Viserbella: between Bathing establishments 71 and 72
  • Torre Pedrera: between Bathing establishment 76 and the boundary with Bellaria
  • Torre Pedrera: between Bathing establishments 57 and 58 (facing the summer camp)

The beaches to the north can be reached via Bus No. 4


SOUTH area

  • Marebello: between Bathing establishments 105 and 106
  • Marebello area in front of the ENEL summer camp - between Bathing establishments 107 and 108
  • Rivazzurra: area at the back of Bathing establishments 109 - 110
  • Miramare: between Bathing establishments 139 and 140 - from Bathing establishment 150 to Talassoterapico or from the area reserved for the Air Force to the boundary with Riccione
  • Area in front of Colonia Bolognese (summer camp) - Miramare Riminiterme area (bus stop 34/35).
  • Also on this public beach, a 'Sole e mare' model chair is available to make the sea accessible to people with disabilities. Info: 333 2472052 (Maurizio)


The beaches to the south can be reached via Bus No. 11.



  • Viale Pinzon in front of Pavese Park in the area of the summer camps.