Riccione Terme Group

Riccione Terme Group is a world conceived of and created to fulfill every desire for health, relaxation, beauty and entertainment, a new philosophy of hospitality and wellness for each guest.
Riccione Terme, sulphurous baths with the sea and the sun as a view. For health, beauty and relaxation, Riccione Terme has three characteristics that make it unique: its precious sulphurous, salty, bromine-iodine and magnesium waters, the Adriatic Sea and the town of Riccione.
The beating heart of Riccione Terme is the sulphurous thermal water, the only water of this kind on the Romagna coast, rich in elements harmoniously combined by nature, with recognized therapeutic properties; here all treatments are carried out with spring water from the facility’s own sources.
The Center is constantly being renovated to offer the best treatments with state-of-the-art technologies and customizable protocols. Mud baths and baths, hydromassages, dermatological baths, inhalation treatments and treatments for rhinogenic deafness, treatments for vascular diseases, mineral water treatments, hydro-kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy and physical therapies: in all treatment cycles the person under treatment is accompanied by constant medical supervision and a staff of qualified operators. The spas have agreements with the S.S.N. (National Healthcare Service), INAIL (National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work), INPS (National Social Insurance Agency) and Enasarco (National Welfare and Assistance Office for Sales Agents and

The ''Oasi Spa'' wellness center offers treatments where thermal water and mud baths are enriched with active ingredients and essential oils that enhance and diversify its aesthetic benefits and the Sensory Thermal Path, 1500 square meters of emotions, an ideal mixture of health and wellness with four Thermal Pools at different temperatures, Hydromassages, Vascular Path, Caves, Infrared Muscle Relaxation, new Chromatic Paths and Aquafitness.
At the ''Poliambulatorio Oasi'', specialist doctors offer their services with the aim of enhancing health and physical and mental wellness.



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The ''Perle d'Acqua Park'' wellness park is an island of outdoor pleasure where you can regain a healthy balance without forgetting the fun; a park in which the swimming pools are enriched with the precious thermal waters of Riccione Terme and made even more pleasant by the temperature of the water itself, kept constant at 30°C.
An enormous outdoor swimming pool of 800 square meters, seven waterfalls in the colors of the rainbow with inebriating hydromassages, the longest Revitalizing Hydropaths at different temperatures in Europe, and spaces devoted to children, with a shallow swimming pool, castles to climb on, play areas and creative entertainments to move around safely in the realm of fantasy while parents relax. An island in the town and just a few meters from the sea, where the sun loungers and beach umbrellas are immersed in three hectares of greenery among sand dunes and fragrant plants, with endless opportunities for fitness and relaxation in the islands of wellness, areas devoted to massages, velvety smooth mud baths, regenerating masks. An intense immersion in relaxation, a complete offer to treat yourself to a moment of leisure and wellness surrounded by nature.
“Spiaggia del Benessere Zona 49” (The '' Zone 49 Beach of
Wellness'') offers relaxation by the sea, with a swimming pool enriched with the valuable thermal springs of Riccione Terme, a hydropath and cascading hydromassages located on the golden sand of Riccione. The ''Palaterme'' in Riccione is the ideal venue for any type of event, conventions, concerts, parties, business meetings and conferences.
The “Club Hotels Riccione Terme” All-inclusive in the best hotels with advantages reserved to the world of Riccione Terme Group and all the comforts to enjoy a stay at a spa wellness center.



Opening: year-round

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