The town occupies the last stretch of land to the south-east of the province of Rimini.

Why visit it

Casteldelci stands out thanks to its natural beauty and is often referred to as the “green sea”. It is the hilliest in the province, rising to 1,355 metres above sea level, making it the ideal destination for those who love nature walks.

When to go and what to see

This unspoilt area has much to offer from an environmental point of view from Spring to Autumn. It has a wealth of paths and mule tracks that can be covered on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

Populated uninterruptedly for several epochs, thanks to the presence of perennial springs, it reached its moment of glory in the Middle Ages when its particular geographical position favoured fortified settlements. 

Today, the medieval part of Casteldelci can be enjoyed by going along the Ponte Vecchio and admiring the Gattara towers, the Monte tower and the Bell Tower. A visit to the House Museum will take visitors back in time from pre and pro history to the Roman era and the Middle Ages.

Information Offices

UIT Casteldelci

Via Castello 26
Casteldelci (Rimini)
+ 39 0541 925300