Miramare di Rimini

Where it is

Miramare is the southernmost seaside hamlet of Rimini, with a wide beach of very fine sand that stretches all the way to the border with Riccione.

Railway station  for regional trains, here there are also the Federico Fellini International airport and the Rimini Terme thalassemic spa.

With discos, discopubs, bars, game rooms and the go-kart track, it is the ideal holiday place for young people.

Why visit it

Riminiterme, stands on the free beach in Miramare. It is a modern medical center capable of drawing from the sea the best of its strength and wealth for the benefit of health and well-being. 

The Thermal center of Rimini offers thermal services & Physiotherapy, Prevention & Health, SPA & Wellness, with a modern and avant-garde Spa. The wellness center takes advantage of numerous "thalassotherapic" services and treatments, including the thermal biomarin pool, which enjoys a splendid view of the beach and the sea.

In summer it becomes the stage for events and an important center for recreational sports activities with the Blue Beach resort.

Useful information and advice

Since 1958 Miramare Airport, now "Federico Fellini" International Airport of Rimini and San Marino, has been open to civilian traffic with both annual and seasonal flight connections.

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