Montescudo - Montecolombo

Where it is

Situated in the Conca Valley, Montescudo-Montecolombo is a town of the Malatesta Seignory. It is located on a ridge which divides the plain around Rimini from the road which leads to the foothills of the Apennines, and which was a strategic point from which to survey the area.

Why visit it

The town once belonged to the Malatesta Seignory. The surrounding countryside is planted with vineyards and olives creating a relaxing view down the gentle slopes to the valley.
Most parts of the castle date back to the Malatesta period. Montescudo and Montecolombo are one municipality and in the past they formed a solid protective barrier defending the Rimini plain.
The area is rich in archaeological features which bear witness to the working of clay over a period of hundreds of years. Under the Malatestas, the area became an important part of their defence system and they built a robust fortress to "shield" Rimini, which still preserves its medieval layout to this day.

Don't miss

Eastern Gothic Line Museum - Church of Peace
The Museum is located outside the walls, in a bunker-like structure; exhibits include documents, newspapers, Nazi and Fascist propaganda posters, paired with similar exhibits from the Allied forces and the National Liberation Committee, as well as a vast collection of photographs and audio-visual materials (films, slides, videos).

Ethnographical Museum

In the church building next tot he Valliano church, immersed in greenery and housing beautiful frescoes, a small but very interesting ethnographic museum has been set up. The display focuses on a particular aspect of the social-economic structure of this area: the farmhouse as the center of the farmer's world. 

On the table

Montescudo is famous for its potatoes, which have a distinctive consistency and flavour owing to the nature of the terrain, and are ideal for making "gnocchi". The Potato Festival is an opportunity to try this and many other, often unusual, dishes featuring one of the best products in Emilia Romagna. Other local produce (wines, honey, cheeses) are featured in the special “Flavours of Montescudo and Montecolombo” Route, which brings together producers, restaurateurs, and vendors.

Significant appointments

Potato Festival. 2nd Sunday in August
A rich and varied village festival dedicated to this excellent local product and to the numerous ways of cooking it. Many visitors come to sample the delicious cooking and enjoy the entertainment.

In the surroundings

Sanctuary of Valliano
The Santuarcy is located in a most attractive country spot. Inside the church are fine 15th-century frescos, among the finest and best-preserved in the Seignory, by the School of Ghirlandaio.

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Montescudo-Monte Colombo Montescudo-Monte Colombo (RN) 08 Dec 2023 - 30 Nov 2024