Rimini - San Giuliano Mare

Where it is

Between the port and the mouth of the Marecchia river stands San Giuliano Mare, once a small fishing village, now a hamlet of Rimini famous for its fish restaurants, the innovative organization of its beach and for the Marina di Rimini dock, one of the most beautiful and technological docks along the Adriatic.

Why visit it

The hamlet of San Giuliano is divided into two areas: that of the ancient "Borgo", depicted by Fellini in his films, where people can also admire the murals created by Rimini painters representing the films and the life of the Maestro, and that of the Marina, the seaside area, once called the Barafonda. Here entertainment activity is lively. It mostly takes place on the beach, set up as a real tourist village or in the Briolini Park, the green lung of the area outfitted with games for children.

San Giuliano Mare also hosts the new dock "Marina di Rimini", which is considered by experts to be one of the most beautiful and avant-garde tourist ports in the Mediterranean area. Inaugurated in 2002, it houses 662 boat berths. The 1300 meter overhead walkway surrounds the whole harbour and is fascinating and romantic. Here numerous luxury yachts and sailboats of all sizes are moored. Since its opening, the dock has offered a wide range of services and is the ideal location for events, especially sports.

Don't miss

Do not miss a walk or a ride by bicycle on the Lungofiume degli Artisti, an unusual place full of poetry next to mouth of the river Marecchia, where you will pass-by the murals telling the story of the place and the 'trabucchi', the characteristic stilt houses of fishermen on the water.

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