Rivabella di Rimini

Where it is

From the center of Rimini moving northwards, after the district of San Giuliano, there is the Rivabella hamlet. A quiet seaside resort, it is mainly chosen by families for its fine sandy beach and the shallow waters of the sea shielded by protective reefs, making it safe and suitable for children.

Why visit it

In Rivabella there are many opportunities to practice sports for all ages. In addition to the beach, a true outdoor gym, tennis, soccer, baseball and softball courts are available in the nearby areas.

Here you also have the opportunity to drink a very fine diuretic water flowing from the famous Sacramora Spring.

It is the ideal destination to spend a family-friendly holiday.

Today the new waterfront, included in the Parco del Mare project, in its final layout will increasingly involve the beach, with the redevelopment of bathing establishments too, where ecological materials and green spaces predominate in respect of the environment and nature.

Information Offices

Rimini Viserba

Viale Giuliano Dati 180
Rimini (Rimini)

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