San Giovanni in Marignano

Where it is

We are in the middle of the Conca Valley plain, just a few miles from the beaches in Cattolica, and all around us are the hills.

Why visit it

The fortunes of San Giovanni are closely linked to farming in this plain, a rich and fertile land still a patchwork of tidy, well-worked fields. Here grain and wine are plentiful and of excellent quality. Ancient fortifications still remaining and the very layout of the town are indicators of how important the place was in the age of the Seignory of Malatesta.
Today, San Giovanni is a lively little town, where much goes on in the old centre: fairs and markets, and once a year around the witching night of St John’s Day (between June 23rd and 24th) all the mystery and charms of witchcraft come to life once more.

It is an important industrial and artisan centre, home to a number of companies producing well-known fashion labels.
San Giovanni in Marignano has been awarded the title of one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”.

Don't miss

Via di Mezzo, via XX Settembre
The main street through the town, lined with 18th- and 19th-century town houses. You enter the street from the main square, through an ancient gateway with a tower. A number of narrow little streets lead off the main street; the whole town centre is well worth visiting. Of note are the stones, set into the paving, which seal the underground grain stores: there are 200 of these.

Massari Municipal Theatre, via Serpieri
A miniature jewel of a 19th-century theatre, beautifully decorated, tells us that there was plenty going on in the town during the 1800s. The theatre is still much in use today.

Keeping fit

Riviera Golf is in the natural scenery in the green surroundings. Not only golf, but also relaxation, wellness and good food.

An excursion by bicycle or on foot is recommended, following the River Conca both towards the sea (Cattolica) and inland (Morciano).

Significant appointments

"Old and Older", antiques market
Every 4th Sunday of the month, (except July and August) - Piazza Silvagni.

The Witches’ Night
Week centred on June 24th
Culture and entertainment combined make a rich event recalling ancient rites and traditions connected with the summer solstice, long believed to be closely linked to witches and their doings. Entertainment, exhibitions, market stalls, and themed decorations all round the town turn these summer nights into nights of charm and mystery.

Santa Lucia Fair
13th December
The only survivor of the many agricultural fairs which once took place in San Giovanni (more than fifteen, it seems). Market, exhibitions, Christmas decorations, local farm produce and wines.

New Year for Wine
The event that marks the beginning of the autumn season and the vintage. San Giovanni (“City of Wine”) has prestigious wine vaults and promotes cultural events recalling the agricultural traditions of the area.

Information Offices

UIT San Giovanni in Marignano

Piazza Silvagni 26
San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini)
+ 39 0541 828124

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