Torre Pedrera di Rimini

Where it is

Torre Pedrera is the northernmost resort of Rimini, connected directly to the Rimini Nord exit of the A14 motorway.

It developed as a tourist resort around the 1960s and is known as a seaside resort for families and children. The promenade is dotted with clubs, restaurants, and places for entertaining the little ones.

Why visit it

Two kilometers of splendid sandy beach welcome you. A beach now revalued by the "Parco del Mare" project, the new waterfront which proposes the concept of sustainability and well-being by the sea together with the offer of new functional services.

The resort is named after a Saracen lookout tower, built in 1673, which is visible near the beach. It is one of the fortifications commissioned by the Papal State in order to protect the coast of Romagna from the incursions of the Saracen pirates and the invasions of the Turks.

Significant appointments

In summer, the local market takes place every Sunday morning on the avenue that runs alongside the railway.

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