Viserba di Rimini

Where it is

One of the most popular places north of Rimini is certainly Viserba.

This tourist resort is known by the locals as the "queen of the waters". Here there is the Sacramora Spring, water with diuretic and digestive properties, which can be freely used.

Why visit it

With 3 kilometers of sandy beach and a "child-proof" seabed with shallow water, thanks to the shield created by the breakwaters, Viserba is the right place for those looking for a peaceful holiday.

As a seaside resort, it began to develop at the end of the nineteenth century, taking advantage of the growing diffusion of thalassotherapy. After the building of the first beach resort in Rimini in 1848, liberty-style villas were built for the wealthy and emerging bourgeoisie, which can still be admired along the today's new beach promenade, now redeveloped and inaugurated in 2021, involving the entire northern Rimini area that goes from Rivabella to Torre Pedrera: the new Parco del Mare (Sea Park).

Don't miss

Not far from the new Expo Centre, Rimini Fiera, Viserba is known for hosting one of the most famous theme parks in Italy, Italia in Miniatura, which faithfully reproduces the most famous monuments of Italy and Europe with 273 scale reproductions.

Significant appointments

Viserba is also known for the Beach Tchoukball Festival, the sports competition that takes place every year on the beach in May.

Information Offices

Rimini Viserba

Viale Giuliano Dati 180
Rimini (Rimini)

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