Viserbella di Rimini

Where it is

Located between Viserba and Torre Pedrera, the seaside village of Viserbella is known for its rich groundwater whose spring used to attract holiday-goers at the beginning of the last century. The new promenade, inspired by the Parco del Mare project that will redevelop the entire Rimini waterfront, offers more and more greenery, more spaces for sport and relax, more cycle and pedestrian paths.

The resort is located not far from the new Expo Center.

Don't miss

The exhibition of fishing equipment and of Mediterranean shells is certainly worth a visit. The "Escaion" Museum of small fishing and shells preserves what has been part of the history of Rimini and of this small center which, from a fishing village, has turned into a seaside resort. Equally interesting is the archive of vintage photographs and films housed here.

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