Galanti Accordion Factory

This building, only a few steps away from the town centre, is where the accordions that become so famous in America were made.

Galanti accordions evolved continuously until the invention in 1955 of a feature that allowed the bass keys to be played freely, following the creativity of the musician, and at this point Galanti accordions made their entrance into musical academies.


Today, the present company “Viscount” is an unusual European example of a centre for research and the production of musical instruments like church organs, keyboards and audio systems.
This expansion into such a varied range of musical products has allowed Viscount to become a virtually unique figure in the heritage of analogue and digital sound technology, with the in-house development of both hardware and software.

The factory can be visited externally.


Via Borgo - tel: (+39) 0541 981700

Fabbriche Galanti