Archaeological Sites and Industrial Archaeology

In the hinterland of our province, some views reveal a unique monumental heritage, among mighty fortresses, hamlets with towers, ancient parish churches, and memories of an area known above all for having been the scene of events between the Montefeltros and Malatestas during the Middle Ages.

But it also preserves the memory of its most ancient past, from prehistory to late antiquity. The roads of archeology cross over nature trails and food and wine routes, meet productive realities that are steeped in tradition, and reveal the identity of places known to be popular tourist destinations. Following in the footprints left by man on his long journey, one penetrates the soul of a territory that has always been devoted to hospitality, a region of contact among cultures, a door that is open onto the Po valley and open to commerce, a junction of roads between north and south, between Rome and Europe.

It is amazing to admire monuments already consigned to architecture manuals, to retrace roads set up by consuls and emperors, and to discover small and large treasures that bear witness to pages of our history. Going down the paths of the sacred, and entering the domus to get to know their secrets.

A "magnifying glass" on vital and original realities, trails to explore in this part of Romagna.